Simon is a Good golfer!

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Me and Simon went to the short course after we helped our grand-ma's rice field.

We worked hard from morning in order to grow rice seeds even it was raining a bit.

Anyway we went to play a golf at the Wako short course.
Simon did a great put at the last hole. I never seen like that shot !

He putted from about 5meters away and a ball seemed to go 1 meter away from the hole.
But when the ball got to close to the hole. His ball was drawn into the hole!!
It did a sharp curve into the hole!!!! really amazing shot!!
And then I lost by 3 shots from him!!
this was his 2nd time gold play!! I have played 10times! but still shit!!

I need to practice more now!

Today Simon went back to Shizuoka after we walked around Osaka.

It was good fun to catch up with him again!

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