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Oh- well, now Im back to update my blog again.

Since now, my PC have been working pretty crap... I had to reboot 3 times when I wanted to start up. Hence I decided to re-instool the Windows XP.
I re-instool it first. I didnt know why but I messed it up.
It didnt even start up, it was frozen at the very very first site right after windows logo was showed...
I thought fuck this PC, this new motherboard was something wrong.
I was about to complain this to the distributor but I wasnt too dickhead enough to call them up before I read the instruction again.
And I found a mistake of my installation.....damn it....

Now I re-installed it again and again, here we go... My PC is back again.

But I still cannot find some of my old program CDs...I guess I lost it.
Anyway I just found my password of this blog site and finally Im back here.

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