My a bit boring day in my life

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Sophie started to work in the weekend as a golf caddy.
I usually wake up 6:30 even its weekend, because I wanna take Sophie the work.
So that I can use my car whole day.

Anyway I woke up at 6:30 and left home around 7 and half.
Droping off Sophie in the gold course and it was 8:15. Now its time to work out!
So I usually go to driving range straight after dropping her off.
Its pretty cheap, only costs 1700yen for 250balls which is enough for the morning.

Yesterday was pretty good day, I could hit perfect 5 balls out of 250! LOL
Most of my swing is too fast so that I couldnt hit right normally.
But its no problem for me, I just wanna hit as hard as I can, this is my way of Golf.

After swing so hard , my arms and back mustle got so tired... but I felt good because I feel like I did work out.
Anyway then heading back home and have some lunch. Now its 12nish...I feel a bit bored.
That feeling bring me to go out. Yesterday I went to Uji river for fishing.

I actually have a long time fishing experience for about 20 years. But I am not good at catching.
I usually catch only the earth... I mean the seaweeds and rocks in the river, not fishes!
Yesterday was the same thing, I lost 2-3 plastic baits. No fish at all.
Usually I get frustrated after about 1 and half hour. It was about 14:00. So I called it for a day.
I went back to home and wait a call from Sophie.

Soon or later she called me to pick up. After that, we look for an apartment in Kyoutanabe city.
Which is next city where we live now.
And we check out a few apartment, it was not too bad but I wanted to check out more...
Thats it. Nothing much happening.

But one good news was arrived yesterday Simon is now in Nagoya.
He might come down next weekend! YES YES! Cant wait to catch up with him again!

now its on Sunday. Today my sisters family and parents all go to Yakiniku restaurant.
Cant wait to eat there! I booked the good one for my dad birthday celebration!


I don't know what it is about your site Ken, but you get the most porn and pedophile spam I have ever seen :)

You get about 10 spams a day lol!

WOW,,, it sounds like pretty bad hey! Sorry!

No problem, I have a pretty good spam filter :)

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