Hardcore fishing with Kubo-chan

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I went to so called Hardcore fishing with my mate Kubo-chan.

He is the one of the fisher man! We left 22:00 last nite headed to Kobe bay.
We were supposed to catch the black snapper which is the very delicious fish.

But..... we tried 5hours straight but no fish at all. Not even we didnt see any fisherman catch it at all.

Actually this is second time in a row which I didnt get any of it.
This time was exactly the same as last time, whcih was.
He went to fishing a week ago and got so many fishes. So that we decided to go there same as last time. And what!? we didnt get ANY! I just got a sea anemone, its disgusted... thats all.

And we back in home 6:50 AM bloody morning. I was very very tired...
I see Sophie off to the work and went to bed straight away.
Now its 13:30, I dont know why but my back is in pain a bit. I might injured when I jumped off from the wall....damn it.... cant go to the driving range!!!!!!

So this is why I am updating my blog so far.

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