Great trip for last snowboarding in Gifu

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We had a blast in our last snowboarding, actually snow is real crap but we enjoyed other stuffs.

I had one week vacation, so that Sophie and I went to Gifu for the last snowboarding in this season. Snow was pretty crap, but it was warm and nice weather.
I practiced switch riding most of the time and Sophie was doing good riding.
After lunch time, snow got worse,,, It became dull sticky snow.
She took a bit of break time and I went to half pipe.
Half pipe condition was not so bad even the warm weather.I could jump a bit off from the pipe which was good for me. I hiked up a couple times, but it killed my legs.
hiking up the steap hill was super hard...

Anyway we finished snowboarding, then we decided to drive around this town.
We cruised about one hour, and got in famous world heritage site called Sirakawa gou.
We did a few stupid photo session, see our album.

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I thought it must be nice place but it was actually not good for me.
the old style house itself was good but there were heaps of Omiyage shop (suvenier shop) and restaurant for the tour group,,,it was full on sightseeing place...
I thought it should be nice and cozy old town....but it was not...
I was dissapointed a lot so we drived back to our Minsyuku(hostel).

On the way back, we wanted to eat the local dishes. Soba is famous for these region.
We looked for a Soba restaurant and asked at the petrol station.
This guy said, These Soba restaurants open only lunch time in this season.
I dont think there is any one open now...
But we found one restraurant which seemed open...we waled in, nobody came...
I shouted '' koninchiwa--Suimasen? Dareka imasuka? Hello is anyone there?
Nobody showed up....
We guess they must be sleeping or taking a break.... We gave up to eat Soba this time.
And headed back to hostel.

On the way back, it was 10mins away drive to our hostel, we found a Soba restaurant!!!
We dont need to look for a soba restaurant there! Restaurant was just around the corner.
Anyway we had a pretty good Soba and headed back to hostel.
We called it for a day.

Next day, it was raining really hard in the morning.
We decided to go home. It was nice trip.

Click here for my album.

Mr. Miyagi san, I learned a lot from you...
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