Big day today with Ski and Golf

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Today Tanaka san and I went to SKI, not snowboarding.
Unfortunately Sophie coudlnt make it beause of her job...

Anyway I skied about 11 years ago, its such a loooong time ago.
Since then I turned into snowboarder. After I snowboarded, I never turned back to ski..
but my mate Tanakasan offered me to do ski one more time.
I wasn't sure I could have fun but I knew Ski board changes the specification recently.
That is why pro-skiers jumps better than snowboarders!

So I was a bit excited to try it again!

And I did it today!!

Really first run, I was like the worst beginner you have ever saw! LOL
My but was super back away style!! and I felt down pretty crap.
I thought FURRRRRK, I dont remember how to ski at all!!!
I was worried about this one day...

But....After a few run, I could remember!! My body memory came back to me!!
I gradually could do parallel skiing!!

What a relief!! Everything was OK after while.

What I was really surprised is my body remember how to ski.
After 11 years interval but it takes only a few run to remember it...
Brain is very smart.

Anyway after sking, we decided to go to the driving range to hit some balls.
Tanaka san is really good at long driving, he could hit 300Y easily.
today I was pretty good, I could hit straight and smooth.
We talked about weakness of the body parts and how to effect to snowboarding and golfing etc..
We were like sports nerds..hahhahha

Then we had a Ramen and we call it for a big day.
Super tired now...better to go bed soon.

Now I call it for a big day too. gnite

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