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Hi there,

First, I would like to say the big thank you for Craig and Kristen for using their space for this blog.
I have been using their space for a loooong time, not like 2-3 years , more.

Thank you!!

Thanks again Craig and Kristen!! I owe you one!


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happy birthday Sophie!

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We went to the dinner for Sophie's birthday party.

First I book the Maccha restaurant in Uji but when I called them to add one person.
The girl who picked up my call was so annoying.
So that I complained them about her atitude and canceled the booking.

Simon and I agree this,
When we get older, we often complain to the service. And we expect the service for the price.

Anyway then I booked the other restaurant in Kyoto.
It was pretty good restaurant, nice and cozy old style kyoto house and good japanese food!
I forgot the camera so there is no photo but we had a Oh-toro ( fattest part of Tuna).
Tuna melt down when I ate it very quickly. So good.

We had a coulpe beers and celebrate her birthday.
happy birthday again Sophie!

Simon is a Good golfer!

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Me and Simon went to the short course after we helped our grand-ma's rice field.

We worked hard from morning in order to grow rice seeds even it was raining a bit.

Anyway we went to play a golf at the Wako short course.
Simon did a great put at the last hole. I never seen like that shot !

He putted from about 5meters away and a ball seemed to go 1 meter away from the hole.
But when the ball got to close to the hole. His ball was drawn into the hole!!
It did a sharp curve into the hole!!!! really amazing shot!!
And then I lost by 3 shots from him!!
this was his 2nd time gold play!! I have played 10times! but still shit!!

I need to practice more now!

Today Simon went back to Shizuoka after we walked around Osaka.

It was good fun to catch up with him again!

Simon's here

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Simon arrived here for holiday!

We went to the driving range and now back home now.

Unfortunately it rains very hard today. We dont have any plan now.

Oh-yah, we went to play Pachinko and slot.
We won once and got even. I havent been there for a long time.
After we went out, we realized how noisy that inside is!

My a bit boring day in my life

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Sophie started to work in the weekend as a golf caddy.
I usually wake up 6:30 even its weekend, because I wanna take Sophie the work.
So that I can use my car whole day.

Anyway I woke up at 6:30 and left home around 7 and half.
Droping off Sophie in the gold course and it was 8:15. Now its time to work out!
So I usually go to driving range straight after dropping her off.
Its pretty cheap, only costs 1700yen for 250balls which is enough for the morning.

Yesterday was pretty good day, I could hit perfect 5 balls out of 250! LOL
Most of my swing is too fast so that I couldnt hit right normally.
But its no problem for me, I just wanna hit as hard as I can, this is my way of Golf.

After swing so hard , my arms and back mustle got so tired... but I felt good because I feel like I did work out.
Anyway then heading back home and have some lunch. Now its 12nish...I feel a bit bored.
That feeling bring me to go out. Yesterday I went to Uji river for fishing.

I actually have a long time fishing experience for about 20 years. But I am not good at catching.
I usually catch only the earth... I mean the seaweeds and rocks in the river, not fishes!
Yesterday was the same thing, I lost 2-3 plastic baits. No fish at all.
Usually I get frustrated after about 1 and half hour. It was about 14:00. So I called it for a day.
I went back to home and wait a call from Sophie.

Soon or later she called me to pick up. After that, we look for an apartment in Kyoutanabe city.
Which is next city where we live now.
And we check out a few apartment, it was not too bad but I wanted to check out more...
Thats it. Nothing much happening.

But one good news was arrived yesterday Simon is now in Nagoya.
He might come down next weekend! YES YES! Cant wait to catch up with him again!

now its on Sunday. Today my sisters family and parents all go to Yakiniku restaurant.
Cant wait to eat there! I booked the good one for my dad birthday celebration!

Hardcore fishing with Kubo-chan

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I went to so called Hardcore fishing with my mate Kubo-chan.

He is the one of the fisher man! We left 22:00 last nite headed to Kobe bay.
We were supposed to catch the black snapper which is the very delicious fish.

But..... we tried 5hours straight but no fish at all. Not even we didnt see any fisherman catch it at all.

Actually this is second time in a row which I didnt get any of it.
This time was exactly the same as last time, whcih was.
He went to fishing a week ago and got so many fishes. So that we decided to go there same as last time. And what!? we didnt get ANY! I just got a sea anemone, its disgusted... thats all.

And we back in home 6:50 AM bloody morning. I was very very tired...
I see Sophie off to the work and went to bed straight away.
Now its 13:30, I dont know why but my back is in pain a bit. I might injured when I jumped off from the wall....damn it.... cant go to the driving range!!!!!!

So this is why I am updating my blog so far.

Easter holiday

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Matt and Beverley gave us a easter eggs!
I dont know how to cellebrate it but Sophie knows it.

I guess you guys are in the easter holiday, actually I took a dayoff yesterday and went to a date with my wife.

Now our dog coles is having a good nap with this easter egg and rabbit! smile

Cheers Matt and Beverley!!
Enjoy weeekend!

Nara siteseeing

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A Friend of Sophie came japan for workingholiday.

And we went to Nara, it was such a nice sunny day 2 weeks ago.

Sika ( deer) likes our peenuts! they ate heaaaaps.

Deer likes peenuts!

Sophie and Silke

Sakura was Beautiful, I love spring photo session.

My sellection


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Oh- well, now Im back to update my blog again.

Since now, my PC have been working pretty crap... I had to reboot 3 times when I wanted to start up. Hence I decided to re-instool the Windows XP.
I re-instool it first. I didnt know why but I messed it up.
It didnt even start up, it was frozen at the very very first site right after windows logo was showed...
I thought fuck this PC, this new motherboard was something wrong.
I was about to complain this to the distributor but I wasnt too dickhead enough to call them up before I read the instruction again.
And I found a mistake of my installation.....damn it....

Now I re-installed it again and again, here we go... My PC is back again.

But I still cannot find some of my old program CDs...I guess I lost it.
Anyway I just found my password of this blog site and finally Im back here.

Great trip for last snowboarding in Gifu

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We had a blast in our last snowboarding, actually snow is real crap but we enjoyed other stuffs.

I had one week vacation, so that Sophie and I went to Gifu for the last snowboarding in this season. Snow was pretty crap, but it was warm and nice weather.
I practiced switch riding most of the time and Sophie was doing good riding.
After lunch time, snow got worse,,, It became dull sticky snow.
She took a bit of break time and I went to half pipe.
Half pipe condition was not so bad even the warm weather.I could jump a bit off from the pipe which was good for me. I hiked up a couple times, but it killed my legs.
hiking up the steap hill was super hard...

Anyway we finished snowboarding, then we decided to drive around this town.
We cruised about one hour, and got in famous world heritage site called Sirakawa gou.
We did a few stupid photo session, see our album.

Click here

I thought it must be nice place but it was actually not good for me.
the old style house itself was good but there were heaps of Omiyage shop (suvenier shop) and restaurant for the tour group,,,it was full on sightseeing place...
I thought it should be nice and cozy old town....but it was not...
I was dissapointed a lot so we drived back to our Minsyuku(hostel).

On the way back, we wanted to eat the local dishes. Soba is famous for these region.
We looked for a Soba restaurant and asked at the petrol station.
This guy said, These Soba restaurants open only lunch time in this season.
I dont think there is any one open now...
But we found one restraurant which seemed open...we waled in, nobody came...
I shouted '' koninchiwa--Suimasen? Dareka imasuka? Hello is anyone there?
Nobody showed up....
We guess they must be sleeping or taking a break.... We gave up to eat Soba this time.
And headed back to hostel.

On the way back, it was 10mins away drive to our hostel, we found a Soba restaurant!!!
We dont need to look for a soba restaurant there! Restaurant was just around the corner.
Anyway we had a pretty good Soba and headed back to hostel.
We called it for a day.

Next day, it was raining really hard in the morning.
We decided to go home. It was nice trip.

Click here for my album.

Mr. Miyagi san, I learned a lot from you...
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Big day today with Ski and Golf

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Today Tanaka san and I went to SKI, not snowboarding.
Unfortunately Sophie coudlnt make it beause of her job...

Anyway I skied about 11 years ago, its such a loooong time ago.
Since then I turned into snowboarder. After I snowboarded, I never turned back to ski..
but my mate Tanakasan offered me to do ski one more time.
I wasn't sure I could have fun but I knew Ski board changes the specification recently.
That is why pro-skiers jumps better than snowboarders!

So I was a bit excited to try it again!

And I did it today!!

Really first run, I was like the worst beginner you have ever saw! LOL
My but was super back away style!! and I felt down pretty crap.
I thought FURRRRRK, I dont remember how to ski at all!!!
I was worried about this one day...

But....After a few run, I could remember!! My body memory came back to me!!
I gradually could do parallel skiing!!

What a relief!! Everything was OK after while.

What I was really surprised is my body remember how to ski.
After 11 years interval but it takes only a few run to remember it...
Brain is very smart.

Anyway after sking, we decided to go to the driving range to hit some balls.
Tanaka san is really good at long driving, he could hit 300Y easily.
today I was pretty good, I could hit straight and smooth.
We talked about weakness of the body parts and how to effect to snowboarding and golfing etc..
We were like sports nerds..hahhahha

Then we had a Ramen and we call it for a big day.
Super tired now...better to go bed soon.

Now I call it for a big day too. gnite



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