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1. Please select all web page elements that you will want to include on your web site.
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Contact page Mission statment page
Services page Site Map
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Photos page Animations
Bulletin Board Submit my site to search engines
Other Other
Other Other
2. Do you currently have a corporate logo and/or corporate image that you want to incorporate into the web site?
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4. Please answer these questions about your company.
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5.To better understand the style of the site, please answer these questions on the technology that will be used in the site.
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Combination Flash and HTML site
6. Now, think about the style and presentation of your site.
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Is the content of your page going to change often?
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7.Do you currently have a domain name for your web site (such as www.mywebsite.com)? If so, list the domain here.
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8. Do you currently have a web hosting provider?
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9.Can you give me the web addresses for other web sites you particularly like, and tell me why you like them? This will help me to get an idea of your tastes and what you might be looking for.
Site: Why I like it:
Site: Why I like it:
Site: Why I like it:
Site: Why I like it: