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Who wants to be a Mathmatician!

Setting the Questions and the answers.

Open the millionaire.xml document
This will bring up a file that looks like the following:

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'utf-8'?>
<level name = '100'>
<object question = 'question1' incorrect1 = 'incorrect1' incorrect2 = 'incorrect2' incorrect3 = 'incorrect3'>answer1</object>
<level name = '200'>

This is the basic xml format. You can change ONLY the phrases in the 'quotes'.
For example, in <level name = '100'> You may ONLY change the
phrase '100'. What is in the quotes will be your point scale. If you want to have 500 as your first points, then change
'100' to '100'. Make sure there are quotes before and after.
With this you may change the points awarded per question, the incorrect questions, and
the questions and the answers.

For <object question = 'question'... put what you want your question to be in the 'question' spot
For ... incorrect1 = 'incorrect1' ... put your incorrect answers in the 'incorrect1' spot
For ...>answer</... put the correct answer in the >answer< spot


Start by reading the question and answers aloud. Then have your contestant choose and answer and
click the designated button. When the contestant has made thier final choice, click the reveal button
to show what the correct answer was. If they got the question right, their points will move
up one and the reveal button will change to a next question button.
When the contestant is ready, click the next question button to bring up the new question.

Have Fun!!

Files included in the Zip:

Jeopardy.xml - source file for answers
Jeopardy.fla - flash project file
Jeopardy.exe - flash file (USE THIS TO RUN THE PROGRAM)
Jeopardy.swf - flash swift file
Instructions - instructions for use

Download Zip - Replay