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Jeopardy instructions:

Setting the questions and answers:

Open the jeopardy.xml document
This will bring up a file that looks like the following:

<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'utf-8'?>
<category name = 'first category name'>
<first points = '100' answer = '100 answer1'>100 question</first>
<second points = '200' answer = '200 answer1'>200 question</second>
<third points = '300' answer = '300 answer1'>300 question</third>
<fourth points = '400' answer = '400 answer1'>400 question</fourth>
<fifth points = '500' answer = '500 answer1'>500 question</fifth>

This is the basic xml format. You can change ONLY the phrases in the 'quotes'.
For example, in <category name = 'first category name'> You may ONLY change the
phrase 'first category name'. What is in the quotes will be your text on the jeopary
gameboard. If you want to have international as your first category, then change
'first category name' to 'international'. Make sure there are quotes before and after.
With this you may change the category names, the amount of points they are worth,
the questions and the answers. The same goes for the final jeopardy at the end of the file.


The game is basically simple. Click on the point square that you wish to see the question
for. This will bring up the question screen with a question on it. From here you may do
three things. The first is bail out by pressing enter. This will give the answer and assign no
points to anyteam. Next you may click on the desired team to assigen that amount of points.
The last is by pressing the corrisponding team number, you will minus the amount of points
from that team. To return to the game board press the retun arrow after the answer.

Final Jeopardy:

There are two ways to reach final jeopardy. The first is to run out of questions.
If all the questions have been selected, you will automatically be sent to final jeopardy.
The other way is to click the faint 'final jeopardy' button at the top right corner.

Once you reach final jeopardy, you will be given a time to set the bets of the teams.
You MUST set a bet before continuing, even if it is zero. If no bet is set, then the
teams score will automatically by NaN, non-existant. Once all bets have been placed,
click on the go button to reveal the question. Have students write the answers on a pice of
paper and hand them in. After you have collected all the answers, read them aloud.
If the team answered correctly, click on the "Shift + team numb" key to set their
score to correct. For example, if team 1 is correct press "Shift + 1" to get a !. This
will allow team 1 to get the points they bet. If the teams keys are not pressed, then
they will have thier bet minused from thier score.

Once you have all the teams answers in, press the go button once more to reveal the
answer and the final scores!!!!

Have Fun!!

Files included:

jeopardy.xml - sorce file for jeopardy questions
jeopardy.exe - startup file, use this to begin.
jeopardy.swf - flash projector file
jeopardy.fla - flash project file
answer.swf - flash projector file for answers
answer.fla - flash project file
code.txt - code file for the .exe (please look at but DO NOT CHANGE!!)
instruction.txt - instruction file for running the program

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