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Picture update time: Kitchen

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Kitchen pictures:

Appliances being delivered.
Picture 033.jpg

Picture 012.jpg

Installed Double Oven
Picture 077.jpg


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We started tiling the 3rd story bathroom this weekend. Our builder is working hard to get the greenboard up so that we can finish tiling. Hopefully it is finished now.


They have also installed most of the windows and doors. Here is a picture of our new french doors on the 3rd floor, leading to the deck.

Moving forward - Updates

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We are moving full steam ahead :)

They have finished framing the basement and 1st floor. They have paved the basement. We got our windows in and they are installing them. They have added the stairs. We have ordered our tile and hardwood floor. We have ordered our cabinets.

All is going at a great pace right now. They are starting on the electrical and hopefully soon the plumbing.

Here are some pictures:

I have completed putting up the old columns, now we just need to finish painting them (hint hint if someone wants to help)

First Floor bathroom.



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It has been a long time since I have updated our status, so here is what has happened.

To start with, we have obtained all of our windows. Well, they have all been ordered and are scheduled to arrive in a few weeks. The major project of this was the French doors. Kristen found a really cheap set of really nice doors on Craigslist, about $3,000 off the original price. The only problem was getting the doors to our house as they were about an hour away. So I borrowed our contractors (C&D) truck.

The first problem, that I guess I was a little naive about, was how much this thing weighted. It is literally about a ton. I mean, we had 3 people and we could not lift this door more than about 8". We had to lift it, put bricks under it, lift it again, ect. until we got it high enough that we could back the truck under it. Then the next problem is that a 10' x 7' door does not really fit in a truck. We had this huge door hanging off the edge and back as I slowly drove home. Kristen had to drive it into the city the next day to drop it off. Everything turned out ok, but I do not think I would do it again.

They also dug out the basement. On inauguration day, I had a group of guys come and dig. They got the floor about 8' down, so when we pave it, we should end up with about 7'6" ceilings.

I also started sanding and finishing the porch columns. I have completed one, and it is up. The other two are rough sanded so I just have to run a quick finish sanding then paint, then put up. Here is a picture of the unfinished column.

Katie has also moved in with us so, we had to clean out the extra bedroom and put all the stuff we have bought in the living room. We got ride of our couch, which helps, but we still have a lot of stuff in there.

And we have finally picked out our kitchen. We even got a deal on the island. It was a floor model. $1,000 less than new cabinets plus it came with the butcher block counter.

Updated House Pictures

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Here are some new pictures from the house. They have completed the 3rd story, completed the roof and completed most of the framing of the 3rd and 2nd story inside.

3rd Story:

3rd Story vaulted ceiling:

2nd Story:

We have a new third story!

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It was nice coming back from a long trip to Michigan and seeing our house have a brand new story! Yay!. They are really moving fast on this. It is great!

Here are some pictures, they are a little dark because we went there at night when we got back.

Looking from the street. You can barely see the addition.

Here is the actual new addition. This is our new master bedroom.

This is the 2nd floor. Those are now 11 foot ceilings baby oh yea!

Building Permit!

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Yay we finally got our building permit!

building permit smaller.jpg

Porch Floor

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I completed laying the floor for our new porch yesterday. I had to first prime all the boards which took a while. Now I just have to buy some molding and railings to put around it. Then finish the columns and we are done!



Restoration warehouse

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Kristen and I went to the Restoration Warehouse Sale on Sunday. We have never been there before and did not really know what to expect, but we are definitely going back to the next one in December.

They had vanities, furniture, lights, fixtures and lots of stuff at about 80% off. We could not find many things because we went on the last day of the sale and apparently, there are more things the earlier you go.

We were able to pick up a couple of faucet sets for our bathrooms. We picked up $500 sets for around $180. We almost got a vanity (although I do not know how we would have gotten it in our little car) but it was nabbed by someone first.

We got this faucet for the 2nd floor bathroom.

This one for the first floor bathroom.

And we got one similar to the 1st picture for the basement bathroom (it was used but only $50!) but it has a different faucet handle. They have the cross shape instead of the straight handles.

Pictures of the Front Porch

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Here are some more pictures of the front porch. I mostly worked on priming the deck boards so that I can lay they down this week. I still need to find (or probably make) new caps and based for the columns.

Looking down into the basement doorway.




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