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Cherry Blossom Pictures

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Here are some pictures from the Cherry Blossom Festival last week. These were taken with my Iphone (go go expensive digital camera couldn't capture them as well).
IMG_0033[1].jpg IMG_0035[1].jpg
IMG_0037[1].jpg IMG_0038[1].jpg
IMG_0039[1].jpg IMG_0041[1].jpg
IMG_0042[1].jpg IMG_0043[1].jpg

Next Book

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I finished "The Hobbit" at lunch today so I need a new book to read on the long metro ride home. I am thinking of getting Frankenstein, the original really old one. I have never read it and old Frankie is a staple of many horror stories.

We will see what I get.

Time to Restart ...

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Ok, I know it has been almost a year since my last post... I am going to try restarting this. I am just not very good at keeping a task like regular posts coming. So hopefully I will do better this year.


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