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The middle of the middle of nowhere

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So for all of you that have known, Kristen and I are in the middle of China right now. We are in the south-west province of sichuan.

We started out flying from Japan to visit our friend Momoko in Hong Kong for a few days. Then we flew to ChengDu, China. From there we met some of our friends and spent two days riding a very bumpy bus into what was once Tibet. Right now it is not called Tibet anymore because of the Chinese that have taken over the territory, but the buildings and people were all of Tibettan. Anyway, we stayed a night in LiTang, one of the highest cities in the world at 4,600 meters. There was no air at all (ok, a little air).

From LiTang, we travelled about 1 hour outside of town and started to hike. We were mostly hiking with the nomads of the region. It was really cool to be so high and still surrounded by mountains. Once, Tim, Mitch and I climbed to about 5,000 meters to have a look see.

The nomads were really cool. They were extremly nice and always offered us as much Yak Butter tea, Yak Jerky and this biscut stuff as much as we wanted. Most was pretty disturbing but we choked it down. This was actually the center of the middle of nowhere. We could look as far as we could see from a 5,000 meter peak and see no signs of life other than our bright neon tents.

We are right now in Leshan visiting the biggest budha in the world. We are also buying lots of CDs and DVD for very cheap (like a $1 each). I will try ot write more later but this computer is slower than a rock rolling up hill. It is seriously from like 1986 or somthing like that.

So bye for now!!


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