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We are now back in Michigan for the holidays! I am glad to be back. For those of you that did not know we came back to visit our friends and family for the holidays. Nobody knew that we were coming so it was a big suprise when we walked in on Christmas.
It is very refreshing to be back in America. I enjoy Japan and all of its quirks but it is very stressfull. America is just easier to do things and to get around. It was wierd being where everybody spoke English and I could understand them. I still use my hands a lot and my mind still thinks of the easiest way to ask things. Anyway, it is fun so far.
We will be here until January 6th, when we will fly back to Kyoto.

Let it Snow!

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Today it snowed in Kyoto!!! Yeah! I love snow, I just don't like the cold. Wouldn't it be cool if it snowed when it was warm? This is the first snow we have had since we came to Kyoto. We saw some snow last winter when we went to Nagano to visit the Luces.
The snow this morning was big a fluffy and it kind of stayed around a bit. It did not stick to the ground but it did stay on the trees and cars and stuff.


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So this is the update of our lives for the past month. We both just finished our teaching for the year. We are now just getting ready for the holidays. They will be fun.
Kristen has only heard back from two law schools. She was rejected from NYU (so we are not going to New York) and she was differed from the early enrollment so we have to wait.
Other than that, there is not much going on. We are still planning on coming back in the summer after we go on a Missions trip to Tibet. Kristen is still planning on going to Greece for her conference. I don't know if I can go with her yet. It depends upon how much the plane tickets cost and when I have to work in the spring. That's all for now.

The Dentist

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I have found the only service in Japan that is easier and cheaper than it American counter part. The dentist. Yes everybody says that the dentists in Japan are really bad but they aren't. We called a dentist on Sunday at 10:30 and had an appointment for that afternoon. This is itself is amazing because most dentists in the States have about a 1 month waiting period for any appointment. We went in and basically sat in the chair, no waiting. He had the same tools as an American dentist and was just as good. He cleaned Kristen's teeth and gave me a check up with X-rays for only 5,800 yen (about $50) and it only took an hour. Then I went back on Monday, the next day (amazing two appointments in two days) and had two cavities filled, well one cavity and one filling that was coming off replaced, with the new white ceramic fillings for only 2,900 yen (about $25). Then I went back on Wednesday (three appointments) to get my teeth cleaned and the fillings finished for only 1,600 yen (about $12). So for all in all, we had two cleanings, two fillings, X-rays, and checkups for less than $100. Amazing 8).

New Resume

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I have been learning all about tables in HTML today. I have created a new online resume in HTML. I used a template from Yahoo Hot Jobs, but it was so messed up that I basically had to rewrite it. I also learned that Word does not create well formed HTML documents. I took a lesson plan that I wanted to put online from a .doc and saved it to a .html. This, you would think would work pretty well but let me tell you, it does not. The new .html document had over 4000 lines of code, most of which was incoherent jargen that did not do anything for the page. Needless to say, I had to do some major rewrites and I think I have gotten this whole table thing figured out. Yea for me.
You can check out my new resume if you like.


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