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The Wheel of Time

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My new book that I am reading is the series called The Wheel of Time. I am already into the third book of ten and I love them. They have all the workings of a Tolkin fantasy with a huge plot line and great character development (what would you expect for a series that has 10 books??) The books also keep me reading for a while. Each book takes me about a week to read (that is a big difference compared to the Harry Poter books where I read all in about a week). Anyway I would highly recomend them to anyone.

The Wheel of Time at

Going to Greece

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A few weeks back, kristen sent in an abstract of her Fulbright paper to this ethics conference in Greece. We did not think that she would get accepted to present and the acceptence deadline past. But as fate would have it, she did get accepted two days ago. She is none the less very excited to be presenting at an international conference on Computer ethics.
The only thing that sucks is that we have to pay for the whole thing, including the enterence fee to the conference:( Oh well, it will be a good resume builder.

Law Schools

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Kristen has just finished applying to law schools!!! Yae. She has applied to NYU, Columbia, Michigan U, Berkley, UW, and American. I hope she gets accepted to Berkley becuase I want to be a beach bum.

Travel in the Summer

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This summer is shaping up to be a busy one with travel. We are going to go on a mission trip with a friend into Tibet to hand out radios to the nomads. Basically we will hike around Tibet for two weeks and give small, solar powered radios to the people we meet. This is a fairly non-dangerous mission as we are not actually passing religious information to the people (only radios where one of the few radio stations is Christian).
After that, we might be traveling to Israel to help/ visit a friend. One of the people we meet here in Japan is from Israel and he trying to start a technology school to help bring Israeli and Palestinians together and he wants us to come and help. If it gets off the ground, it will be a cool experience. Then we will finally come home and maybe rest a month before we move to where ever Kristen goes to law school.

Next Year

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So we really don't know what we will be doing next year. Kristen is applying to Law schools mostly in the DC area and west coast. I have also applied to a deparment of defense teaching job in Germany. I am still waiting on two references until my application is complete so I don't know what will happend there. We will just wait and see where God puts us.

Beam Rider

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For all you fans of the C64, here is an old game called Beam Rider. There are still some bugs but it is pretty good and I will continue to update it. Can you get a high score? I did.

Play it now!!!

Weird Comment error

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OK, so I thought that I had all the bugs worked out in this blog, but as with anything, the comments page is not working right. I am baffled by this because it should work. The text does not show up until you highlight it. I have checked my CSS script and it looks right and the HTML looks right so I don't know. I will keep working but for now, if you want to leave a comment you can highlight the text first.


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Do you know what a dugong is? I do. Our Japanese student that we tutor in English does. It is almost extinct. It was believed to be a mermaid a long time ago.
What is it? Click here to see if you are correct.


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