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Because I could not decide on a new book, I bought two. Frankenstein and Dracula, the original versions.

Frankenstein is quite different from the stories that I (and probably most Americans) had heard. To start off with, the book opens with a series of letters from a young man who is traveling to the North Pole. He set out to be one of the first people there, I think. I could not really tell. Anyway, he then met Dr. Frankenstein on the ice one night.

The Hobbit

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Currently I am re-reading "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien. I have a great copy. It is a hardback with illustrations by Stan Lee.

It has been a good year or two since I last read it and it is one of my favorites. Tolkien is just an amazing author. He can keep me occupied with his descriptions of the places the band of dwarves and Bilbo go.

More about this particular copy can be found here.

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