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Picture update time: Trim

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Here is the start of the baseboard molding

Picture 069.jpg

Picture 071.jpg

Picture 080.jpg

Picture update time: Copper Countertop

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Here the copper countertop for our bar.

The rough 10'x3' sheet of copper
Picture 031.jpg

The countertop installed
Picture 027.jpg

Picture 009.jpg

Picture update time: Kitchen

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Kitchen pictures:

Appliances being delivered.
Picture 033.jpg

Picture 012.jpg

Installed Double Oven
Picture 077.jpg

Picture update time: Vanities

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Here are some pictures of the vanities.

Completed 2nd floor vanity, made out of the same bamboo as the stairs.
Picture 011.jpg

Medicine Cabinets installed in the 3rd floor bath.
Picture 089.jpg

Picture update time: Stairs

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Sorry for all the long delays in pictures, here are some stair pictures.

This is the rough bamboo plywood cut and ready to assemble. These were originally 8'x4' sheets
Picture 019.jpg

Sealing the treads with poly. No stain because we wanted the nice natural look.
Picture 084.jpg

First stair installed.
Picture 081.jpg

2nd stair installed.
Picture 025.jpg

1st floor stairs.
Picture 015.jpg

Working on the 2nd floor stairs
Picture 017.jpg


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