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Ok, I have been quite bad at posting updates recently. This is partially because of my new job! Yay!

So first, I have taken a position with Booz Allen Hamilton as an IT consultant. It is quite a nice job. The pay is not much more than what I am making now but the opportunity cost is soooo much greater. I will get my Top Secret clearance, it is a very large company (about 1,500 employees) which gives me greater room for advancement, plus I will get to use my Masters degree and actually work on software development. I do not know a whole lot about what I will be doing yet but it has something to do with the DOD. Hopefully they will tell me more once my clearance comes through.

Our house is well underway, finally. We now have power to the house with some temporary lights and plugs. Our contractors (C&D, which has been great so far) and working hard at creating a plan. Currently, they are planning to take the roof off tomorrow :). That means we will hopefully have a 3rd story by Christmas!

While they are are working on the house, Kristen and I have been picking out fixtures and things. Our guest room is now completely full of lights and fixtures and vanities.

I spent a good day or so at the Restoration Hardware Warehouse Sale and picked up some great deals on the plumbing and lights. It is great to get $500 hardware for 70% off. We really did not save any money because the sale prices are about what we would have paid if we went to Home Depot, but I feel the quality of the Restoration Hardware is so much greater. The cheaper Kohler or Home Depot brands just feel flimsy. I mean the tub faucets we bought are like 5 pounds of solid metal.

I also picked up some vanities. We got one for the first floor and the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor one needs a sink and top but I think we can get those fairly easily from Home Depot.

We got this one for the 2nd floor bath. We even have the same faucet.

We got this one for the 1st floor half bath. We even got the sink. We have the white one tho.

We got other things as well like mirrors and a few lights.

Kristen also got a great deal on our lights through Y-lighting. She convinced them we were contractors and got 20% off the entire order. It saved us about $3,000.



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