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Kristen and I went to the Restoration Warehouse Sale on Sunday. We have never been there before and did not really know what to expect, but we are definitely going back to the next one in December.

They had vanities, furniture, lights, fixtures and lots of stuff at about 80% off. We could not find many things because we went on the last day of the sale and apparently, there are more things the earlier you go.

We were able to pick up a couple of faucet sets for our bathrooms. We picked up $500 sets for around $180. We almost got a vanity (although I do not know how we would have gotten it in our little car) but it was nabbed by someone first.

We got this faucet for the 2nd floor bathroom.

This one for the first floor bathroom.

And we got one similar to the 1st picture for the basement bathroom (it was used but only $50!) but it has a different faucet handle. They have the cross shape instead of the straight handles.

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