Our Front Porch

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So while we are waiting for our building permits (still, sigh), I am re-building our front porch.

I am surprised it was actually still standing. I spent Saturday buy the supplies and delivering them. I still need to find a good decking. We were going to go for the tongue and groove style that is painted over instead of the traditional deck. This will fit better with the other houses in the area.

I then spend Monday and Tuesday evening ripping out the old deck and supporting the roof above it. The boards that were on the deck were soooooooo rotten they basically fell apart in my hands without me having to do much. I also took down the 3 columns, which look ok but they will need new top and bottom caps because those were rotten as well. I will probably start on the actual construction tomorrow because tonight it poker :).

Here are some pictures, they are not the best because it was getting dark and my phone does not have a flash.

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