We bought a SINK!

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We found a great deal on a sink for the basement unit. It is a white cast iron with the faucet. Kristen found it on Craigslist. I talked them down to $70 for both, delivered. Yay!

The sink itself was HEAVY. I had no idea that cast iron sinks were that heavy, but I got it into our little apartment.


I have almost completed my dirt removal of both walls. The downstairs one is done and ready to be washed, then sealed. And then I'm done with that. The upstairs wall is about 1/3 of the way clean. I am hoping to get it complete clean and ready to be washed by this weekend.

Then next problem is will the power washer clean off all the scum that is left. There are no large clumps of dirt or plaster, but just his film over everything. I am hoping that the power washer will remove this. If it does not, then I guess I will have to wire brush it all to get the last little stuff off (which I hope, hope, hope I do not have to do because that will be more time consuming).

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