Walls, walls, walls

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I am fairly happy today. This weekend I powerwashed about half of the downstairs wall (this was after I scrapped it almost clean) and it looks good. Well, at least it did when I left but I will look at it today once it has dried. There were just a few little bits of dust and a dirt film left after scrapping and I was worried that the powerwashing would not actually get these last bits off and would have to wire brush it (which would take a long time).

But, the powerwashing seems to do the trick so I only have a few more hours to finish. I have half of the downstairs wall to powerwash, half of the upstairs wall to scrap and then powerwash the upstairs wall. The last part then, is the extra 2 feet upstairs. We are still waiting on our permits so I do not know if we can raise the 2nd floor ceiling, so I do not really want to do all that work to finish those last 2 feet until we know for sure.

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