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So I have been a little slow with updates,mainly because there is not much updating to do.

I have finished re-pointing the walls. I still have a little to do upstairs but I am not 100% sure about that because we have not gotten our permits back to know how high we can go.

I have been spending this week scraping the last little bits of dirt off the walls. I have completed the downstairs and will start he upstairs this weekend. Basically I am making sure that there are no little clingy pieces of plaster left. I was trying to wash the wall and these little pieces were really annoying. I had to scrub them off instead of letting the acid and powerwasher take them off. So, I decided to scrape they all off first. Now there is only a little dirt film left on the bricks which I hope will come off easily with the washer.

We almost have a new contractor. We have meet with a few and have limited our choices down to the final two. R&B and Don Hartman. R&B is a little higher but they do good work. We are waiting for them to re-evaluate their bid and hopefully they will come down some, then it will be more of a choice.

We are still waiting on our permit so it is not "that" much trouble that we don't have a contractor yet. I need to give the neighbors a letter stating that we are adding a 3rd story and a few other things which our architect should be taking care of, so hopefully the permits come in soon.

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