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So, as most of you can see, the design has changed dramatically from my old site. I have been playing around with the new Movabletype 4 platform and it is dramatically different.

It used a bunch of modules that hold little pieces of information instead of one big file. So, for example, there is a module for "Recent Entries", "Links", "Comments" ect ect. The main index is only about 20 lines long and it just calls each of these modules that you want.

It took me a while to wrap my head around t his new style of framework but I think I have it now.

To make this story shorter, my old site did not have these modules so I could not update it. I could keep the style the same but any time I wanted to make a change, it would cause more errors than fix things.

I have uploaded a new style, I don't know if I like it yet, but it is at least based off the default Movabletype 4 framework, so things like the comments work. I might change it back to the original but it will take some time for me to update all the different modules that are in the new site.

Anyway, Enjoy!

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