Days 38, 39, 40, 41

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I finished re-pointing the downstairs wall on Tuesday. It is good to almost be done with this stage. I tried to powerwash the rest of the dirt and plaster off the wall but it did not work very well. It just kinda made a mess.

I bought a wire brush and used that on part of the wall and it works well but again, it is manual labor that will take a few hours. I am thinking of having a group workday again and try to pound both wall out on a Saturday.

I also started re-pointing the upstairs wall. I am about half way through with that one. It is much smaller than the downstairs wall. It is only about 13 feet where as the downstairs wall was about 27 feet. Hopefully I can finish re-pointing that wall before Kristen and I go to Michigan this weekend. I should be able to finish it in a couple of days.

We have also gotten a few bid back from contractors. We now have to review them all and see which one we really like and can afford. Luckily, I have not gotten any bids over $300,000 which makes me feel like I am not crazy. Every time I get a bid of, say $450,000, I begin to freak out because if that is the actual costs, we can never afford this.

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