Day 42

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I am almost finished with the upstairs wall. I have completed about 9.5 feet of 12 feet. I do not think I need to go the whole 12 feet because we are going to have a closet that will take up some of that.

Buuuuut I do not want to start building and find I am 1/2" short on my brick, so I am going to do the full amount.

Kristen found a great deal on some hardwood for our master suite. It is a dark, solid bamboo floor from Ecofinishes. She found it on Craigslist and it is now sitting in our bedroom.



Hi "contractor" Craig,

OK, so I never realized you had such a passion for construction or perhaps learn as you go. Personally I have gained so much knowledge too from doing my own home repairs, e.g. bathrooms, flooring, etc. Clue me again on what condition the house was in and what you're trying to accomplish as of the renovation process? Do you just own one of the row houses or are you extending to an adjacent one as well? I enjoyed reading parts of your diary. Did you have an extended time off from employment for working on this? How's Kristen doing at her not so new law firm?

Allison and I are doing well. She's a third year medical student already working on her clinical rotations. She's so far passionate about OBGYN. I'm getting ready to go back to work next week, oy. I have not yet found a high school position closer to the Syracuse area, which is where I reside.

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