Day 31- 35

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These days I have just been working on repointing the downstairs wall. I have completed about 17' of the 27' of the wall. It looks ok, it is slightly difficult to keep the mortar off the brick. I am going to power wash the whole thing when I am done so that will hopefully take some of it off. If not, I might try the acid wash and see if that has any effect.


Hey little bro...

you know if you are using grout or thinset, you can just take a big, wet sponge, like you'd use for tile, and wipe your wall down after you aply to a section. Just wait long enough for it to start setting and wipe lightly at the joints so you dont take all the stuf you just put on off. Should come off the bricks pretty quickly if you don't wait for it to harden first...

Just two cents,

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