Day 28

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Today I met with another contractor early in the morning.

I also started playing around with the mortar to repoint the wall. The mortal which was left in the house is too dark. I used some of it and it came out a very dark gray. We would like it to be more whiteish like the original.

So I went to Home Depot and looked around. All the big bags of mortar are gray so I went to the tile section. I found a non-sanded grout which I though would work but when I put it on the wall, it looked to putty like.

So back to Home Depot. Fortunately this time I found a white thin-set mortal for tile. This worked well. It looked more like mortar. The only thing was it was too white, so I added some of the gray mortar and made it slightly light gray. Now it looks good.

So tomorrow I will start working on the wall.

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