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Day 42

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I am almost finished with the upstairs wall. I have completed about 9.5 feet of 12 feet. I do not think I need to go the whole 12 feet because we are going to have a closet that will take up some of that.

Buuuuut I do not want to start building and find I am 1/2" short on my brick, so I am going to do the full amount.

Kristen found a great deal on some hardwood for our master suite. It is a dark, solid bamboo floor from Ecofinishes. She found it on Craigslist and it is now sitting in our bedroom.


Days 38, 39, 40, 41

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I finished re-pointing the downstairs wall on Tuesday. It is good to almost be done with this stage. I tried to powerwash the rest of the dirt and plaster off the wall but it did not work very well. It just kinda made a mess.

I bought a wire brush and used that on part of the wall and it works well but again, it is manual labor that will take a few hours. I am thinking of having a group workday again and try to pound both wall out on a Saturday.

I also started re-pointing the upstairs wall. I am about half way through with that one. It is much smaller than the downstairs wall. It is only about 13 feet where as the downstairs wall was about 27 feet. Hopefully I can finish re-pointing that wall before Kristen and I go to Michigan this weekend. I should be able to finish it in a couple of days.

We have also gotten a few bid back from contractors. We now have to review them all and see which one we really like and can afford. Luckily, I have not gotten any bids over $300,000 which makes me feel like I am not crazy. Every time I get a bid of, say $450,000, I begin to freak out because if that is the actual costs, we can never afford this.

Warhammer Preview Weekend!

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Yay! I got into the Warhammer Beta Preview Weekend this weekend. It means I can play this cool new game before it even comes out! It should be good. The only downfall is that any progress I make will not be carried over to the actual game.


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Good comic about gaming if you have some time:

Day 36, 37

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Worked this weekend on the wall. I have almost completed it. I am hope one more day will be all it takes. I also had a dumpster dropped off and I filled it with the crap that is in the back yard. It is looking better.

Now, all we need to do is find a contractor and get our permits. We should have all our bids in this Friday so we can make a decision this weekend as to which contractor we will choose. I am still waiting on any word from our permits. I will have to start hounding them again this week to see if I can at least get a status update.

The back yard.


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So I am getting pretty excited about the WarHammer release this September. I have not played any good MMO's since I quit Wow last winter.

Here is the trailer.

Somethings that I look forward to is the whole Realm vs. Realm thing. There also seems to be a lot more "individual helping the group" thing where you can solo things that will help your guild or Realm or Faction instead of "getting a large group of people to accomplish a task" thing that WOW had.

Day 31- 35

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These days I have just been working on repointing the downstairs wall. I have completed about 17' of the 27' of the wall. It looks ok, it is slightly difficult to keep the mortar off the brick. I am going to power wash the whole thing when I am done so that will hopefully take some of it off. If not, I might try the acid wash and see if that has any effect.

Playing around with Movabletype 4

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So, as most of you can see, the design has changed dramatically from my old site. I have been playing around with the new Movabletype 4 platform and it is dramatically different.

It used a bunch of modules that hold little pieces of information instead of one big file. So, for example, there is a module for "Recent Entries", "Links", "Comments" ect ect. The main index is only about 20 lines long and it just calls each of these modules that you want.

It took me a while to wrap my head around t his new style of framework but I think I have it now.

To make this story shorter, my old site did not have these modules so I could not update it. I could keep the style the same but any time I wanted to make a change, it would cause more errors than fix things.

I have uploaded a new style, I don't know if I like it yet, but it is at least based off the default Movabletype 4 framework, so things like the comments work. I might change it back to the original but it will take some time for me to update all the different modules that are in the new site.

Anyway, Enjoy!


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I got a new bonsai yesterday. I needed another one to go with my original.


This is my original one. It is doing much better since I took it to work over a year ago. This did 2 things for it. 1) It got more attention and sunlight because it sits by my window. 2) The cats don't eat it any more.

Day 30

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Got through another box today. It take about 2.5 hours to cover about 20 square feet or 1 box. Anyway, it is coming along. Hopefully, I get a lot of it finished this weekend. The next step when this is done is to wash it with the power washer. I might want to acid wash it as well, we will have to see how it turns out.

On a side, note, my iPhone took this really weird picture. Now, this has not been edited in any way. The ladder on the left side is moved up, skewed from the picture.


Day 29

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I worked on a chunk of the downstairs wall today. I got through 1, 15 lb box of mortal. It covered about 20 sq feet. A quick calculation and I will need about 12 boxes. Not too bad.


Looks pretty good :)

Day 28

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Today I met with another contractor early in the morning.

I also started playing around with the mortar to repoint the wall. The mortal which was left in the house is too dark. I used some of it and it came out a very dark gray. We would like it to be more whiteish like the original.

So I went to Home Depot and looked around. All the big bags of mortar are gray so I went to the tile section. I found a non-sanded grout which I though would work but when I put it on the wall, it looked to putty like.

So back to Home Depot. Fortunately this time I found a white thin-set mortal for tile. This worked well. It looked more like mortar. The only thing was it was too white, so I added some of the gray mortar and made it slightly light gray. Now it looks good.

So tomorrow I will start working on the wall.


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