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Ok, so the beginning of this week, I did not work on the house at all because I spent my time obtaining licenses and tags for our car. It has been a process.

First, you have to get an emissions inspections. Normally not such a big deal, you just take your car into the service center and they give you a sticker. Well, our check engine light has been on for about 2 years. This made us fail the test. We brought it in to be fixed. The day before the emissions test, it came back on. Well I though, because we spent over $750 we can just waive the test (according to the DC website). No, no, no. Apparently our error is one of the few that cannot be waived. Sigh.

So after 3 more trips to the shop, and $2000 later. I finally had the check engine light off. I brought it into the service center and apparently, there was still an issue with the computer. It was registering an error but it did not know which one, so it did not display it. Of course it caused us to fail the test. Luckily I was able to convince the guy that it was not the same error and we should be granted the waiver.

Next step was to get all the paper work for the tags and my license. So early on Tuesday, I went to the DMV. I got there about 30 mins before they opened and there was already about 40 people in line. As I work my way through the line, I realize I do not have my Soc. Security card. So off I go to Kinkos to print out my W-2 and paystubs for verification. I am so glad that NAHB has this information online. I had to do some photo shopping because my pay stub only had an xxx-xx-xxxx for my number and it needed to show it. So after I photoshopped my number in, printed them out, I was back in line at the DMV.

So I get called about a hour later, sit down with my stuff. The lady I had was actually really nice, I have to say, because she let me call Kristen and get a copy of her drivers license and permission to get a new title and have her fax it over. She also allowed my to get a new title with a lien still showing on the old one (we had the lien removed, I just forgot the paper to prove it).

After all that, I was give two brand new tags, got my picture taken and was on my way.

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