Day Seventeen

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Today I did not really work because I was waiting forever for a dumpster to put the dirt in from our basement.

It took about a hour for the guys to show up, then we had to maneuver the dumpster into our back yard. This was complicated by the fact that the neighbor parked their car (albeit in their lot) in a horrible spot that did not give the truck much room.

When I asked them if they could move it for a few minutes, they said that it was their fathers and he was away on vacation. He also did not leave the keys so it was stuck there :(.

Anyway, after I took apart some of our backyard fence, and the dumpster truck broke off part of the post (It was buried in concert in the ground and I was not digging it out), he managed to Austin Powers the dumpster in the yard. I have to give him kudos for that, he did about a 40 point turn to get it in there.

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