Day Nineteen

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Went back today after a break on Sunday (I was pretty exhausted after digging all day on Saturday). I did some more work on the upstairs wall. I have finished 20 rows out of 44, so I am about 1/2 way there.

We have decided on 11' ceilings on the 2nd floor due to some requirements with the building codes. Actually I am kind of glad, I don't have to do another foot. So Now I have about 5' done.

Kristen thinks it is weird that I count all my tasks. I don't know, it make them seem easier if I know how much I have to do and how much I have done. For example, it seemed easier today to work on the wall, knowing that I have only 24 rows left, and I can do about 4 rows an evening, so it will take me about 6 more evenings to finish.

I also dug some more in the basement. I dug 41, 5 gallon buckets. Who needs a gym membership? You just need to carry 5 gallons of dirt and concrete (I cannot spell concrete for the life of me, I always misspell it and have to have spell check get it), then throw it into a dumpster.

I think after this week, I should have the basement at least flat, all the old concrete slab taken out. Then we have to decide if/how much we are going to dig out. The current ceiling is at 7' which is legal for a rental but it is low. We would like to have it 8' but I don't know if we can due to the foundation of the house (we don't want to go too deep and have to spend a lot on a new foundation).

We are also almost done with our architect plans. She said she will be finishing them up this week. Then we can finally apply for our plans.

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