Day Four ...

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Wow, I started trying to remove the plaster from our brick wall. It is like chipping through concrete.

I spent about 3 hours with a hammer and cold chisel and cleared about a 10 ft square area of the wall. Unfortunately, the wall is about 250 ft square, so by those calculations, it will take me roughly 25 days to clear...

So I tried a power washer, no luck. It just made a bigger mess.

James suggested dynamite, but seeing as how we want to keep the brick underneath, and it is a supporting wall (of the neighbors) house, that will probably not work.

So the next attempt is with a SDS drill. Now don't ask me what SDS stands for but it is supposed to cut through masonry fairly quickly and I was told to use a shallow angle.

We will try this tomorrow and see how well that works. If it does not, I guess I will be spending a large amount of time at this...

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