Day Eight

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YAY! Wall is cleared. I took a few hours today and finished all the plaster. You can see the pile of plaster that I took off. I have also sprained my pinky finger quite good. I don't know why because I did not really hit it but I can hardly bend it today.

I also got a blister on a blister, ya, don't ask me how that happened.

I also started to de-grout the wall. The old grout is this nasty white with stone that is probably about 100 years old, soooo, I am going to have to remove all of it. I decided to remove the grout first before washing the wall because there is just so much dust from the grout that I would have to re-wash it anyway.


With grout

Without grout

Here is a picture of how much I de-grouted. It is kinda hard to see but I got about a 3 foot wide strip from floor to ceiling.


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