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I was coming home yesterday and there was the awesome rainbow at the Pentagon bus depo. Well actually there were two. You could see the whole rainbow, from where it touched on one end over the full arch to where it touched on the other end.

I wish I had our better camera but all I had was my Iphone, so these pictures are all you get.

My favorite, you can actually see a plane flying through it.

Here you can see the actual end of the rainbow. It was in Shirlington, where I live, but I could not find the pot o'gold.

Day Eleven, Twelve

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I am still de-grouting the wall. I am about 75% done with the down stairs wall. That's all.

Day Nine, Ten

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Just working to de-grout the wall. I have about 1/3 of the downstairs wall done, so I am getting there. Hopefully I will be ready to repair the wall this weekend. Then it is on to the upstairs wall! yay :(

Day Eight

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YAY! Wall is cleared. I took a few hours today and finished all the plaster. You can see the pile of plaster that I took off. I have also sprained my pinky finger quite good. I don't know why because I did not really hit it but I can hardly bend it today.

I also got a blister on a blister, ya, don't ask me how that happened.

I also started to de-grout the wall. The old grout is this nasty white with stone that is probably about 100 years old, soooo, I am going to have to remove all of it. I decided to remove the grout first before washing the wall because there is just so much dust from the grout that I would have to re-wash it anyway.


With grout

Without grout

Here is a picture of how much I de-grouted. It is kinda hard to see but I got about a 3 foot wide strip from floor to ceiling.


Day Seven

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Back to work. I did make a good break through today (albeit it was in the last 40 mins or so). I found out (by smashing my thumb really hard) that if you just hit the plaster with the hammer, it creates a vibration and loosens the plaster from the brick. Then it kinda crumbles off the wall much easier.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Day Six

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Holy crapper, it was hot. I got a bit off today. It was not as easy as before but I was also working on the upper part of the wall a bit (it is much harder to swing a hammer up than down).

We also got our "Supercan"! or our city garbage collection bin as most other normal people would call it.



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Because we had a heat advisory this weekend (and into this week) we went tubing. The temp was about 100 deg.

It was great fun lazying down the river, drinking a lot of beer. Between the 6 of us, we drank 40 cans. Now this is also saying that the girls probably did not drink as much as the guys (and I know my friend Gabe drank a looooot).

On the way there we saw a car on fire. I tried to get a picture but this was the best I could do.

Day Five

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Well, I tried a SDS drill, it is kinda this chisel bit. It did jack. Nothing. It was more work than the hammer.

Anyway, I don't know if all the water from the power washing, or the heat, or if God was just being nice, but the plaster came off easier today. It came off in chunks of about 2-4" square.

I completed about 1/4 of the wall, so hopefully next week I can complete the rest.

The pile of crap off the wall.

Picture Update, Day four

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Ok, so here are some pictures from Day Four. It was too dark to take pictures when I was finished so I took some after.

This is the amount of the wall I competed. Ya, not a lot. You can see the smallish crack in the middle by the ladder.

This is a picture of my arm after with all the dust and crap. My whole body looked like this.

Day Four ...

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Wow, I started trying to remove the plaster from our brick wall. It is like chipping through concrete.

I spent about 3 hours with a hammer and cold chisel and cleared about a 10 ft square area of the wall. Unfortunately, the wall is about 250 ft square, so by those calculations, it will take me roughly 25 days to clear...

So I tried a power washer, no luck. It just made a bigger mess.

James suggested dynamite, but seeing as how we want to keep the brick underneath, and it is a supporting wall (of the neighbors) house, that will probably not work.

So the next attempt is with a SDS drill. Now don't ask me what SDS stands for but it is supposed to cut through masonry fairly quickly and I was told to use a shallow angle.

We will try this tomorrow and see how well that works. If it does not, I guess I will be spending a large amount of time at this...

Day Three

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Not much happened over the weekend. I had a regional poker tournament on Saturday so I did not do anything on the House. I did come in 5th out of about 100 tho, so that was good.

Sunday, Day Three, I purchased a used power washer to help me clean up the brick walls. I think most of the plaster can be hosed off. If not, I will have to pick up some acid. I might have to use some acid anyway because there is some nasty black tar on one of the walls.

I also took down the plywood on the back gate and created a more useful gate that swings out so we can get in and out of the back.




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