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Because I could not decide on a new book, I bought two. Frankenstein and Dracula, the original versions.

Frankenstein is quite different from the stories that I (and probably most Americans) had heard. To start off with, the book opens with a series of letters from a young man who is traveling to the North Pole. He set out to be one of the first people there, I think. I could not really tell. Anyway, he then met Dr. Frankenstein on the ice one night.

Dr. Frankenstein was chasing his monster across the arctic apparently. The young captain and Dr. Frankenstein build up a friendship and so the tale of the monster is told.

I am in the middle of the tale now. Dr. Frankenstein created this monster after he discovered the secret of life by a combination of alchemy, chemistry and natural science. He spent a good two years creating his monster before he gave it life. There was no direct relation to grave robbing. Only that he visited the butcher shops. I think the whole grave robbing thing came about because he spent a considerable amount of time studying death and decay before he figured out the secret of life.

After he gives his monster life, he is so repulsed by it, he runs away. When he comes back the monster is no longer there. A bunch of other things happen in the next two years before the monster reappears and kills his brother and frames his long time family friend and house keeper for the crime, who is subsequently executed for it.

Dr. Frankenstein then spend some time away and travels to the mountains and meets with the monster again. The monster has by now learned to speak and is very convincing. He brings Dr. Frankenstein back to his shack and starts telling his tale.

And that is where I am...

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