The Last Juror

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Last night I stayed up most of the night and finished The Last Juror by John Grisham.

Kristen found this book for me at a garage sale about a month ago and it has been sitting on the table since then. I picked it up last night as I was bored and was not tired. Usually I can read a few chapters and it will help put me to sleep, but for some reason, this book was good and I had had too much sleep previous nights. It was really good.

One of my favorite quotes:
I couldn’t imagine a worse place for some nut to start shooting. There were thousands of guns within arm’s reach around the Clanton square. Every pickup had two rifles in the window rack and a shotgun under the seat. These people couldn’t wait to use their guns!

Talking about a small, southern town in the mid 70's during a mad man and his shoot out at the court house. I thought it was a funny quote that describes many of the rednecks that I knew in high school.

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