Mad Chad

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Check out this freaky video.
You have to watch it all the way through to get the best parts.

Go mad chad, go!


Dear Craig, I´ve a huge favor to ask you! I´m travelling now in Mexico, and unfortunately, I didn´t bring the URL of the page I use to adjust my site, so i can´t update my blog. (It´s in my favorites at home, but my mother can´t seem to find it.) Will you send me the URL again by chance?

So, I´m spending a month in Mexico followed by a month in Peru/Bolivia/Chile. It´s been a total blast so far! In the fall I´m joining Mike at IU... I´m psyched for that as well.

take care, doug

WHY!!!!!! Why house two gotta always spend time in your class eric!? We got a senior up in here thes from house dose! Do I have your permision to interigate each and every non-house-three punk that walks into house three asuming they can get away with it? If so do i have your permission to smack them jus for livin. word up G! said WORD!!!!!

ps. lol G! said lol!!!!!!

pps. com back from france soon.... evryone (including one whose name [*cauIshgh*]... pardon me. as i was saying... whose name i will not mention here) wants you to come back. we have had to resort to beging the teacher next door to your class to come here whenever posible after school so we could chill. i feel so humiliated. hoped you enjoyed looking at plush microbes!
your good freind,
bro of the kid with the aqua mohawk and friend of the ex cripple moe

ppps. Ill even drive you back! look for the only man made object at the end of a path of nothingness, hop in and well be home before you can say 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000 of the word "I" (cause i got drivin skillz)!
if you havent put 2 and 2 together by now, can you hook me up with a laptop (optional)?

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