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I am currently reading the 2nd book of C.S. Lewis's Silent Planet trilogy. It is a good book. The writting is very complex but the story is well told, as in most of Lewis's books.

At last, from exhaustion, he sat down. Te solitude,which up till now had been scarcely painful, had become a horror. Any return to it was a possibility he dared not face. The drugging and entrancing beauty had vanished from his surroundings; take that one human fro away and all the rest of t his world was now pure nightmare, a horrible cell or trap in which he was imprisoned. The suspicion that he was beginning to suffer from hallucinations crossed his mind.

As Rasome is cast to be the sole human on a distant planet, he meets a being much like his own. His thoughs express his feelings at having met another being and having that being taken away. By being plunged back into solitude after a brief experience of companionship.

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My Certification

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I just got my Certification in the mail today! I am officially Microsoft Word 2002 Expert Certified.

In two weeks I am going to take a Dreamweaver exam. I hope that will go well. It seems much more difficult that the word exam.

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