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I am still at home, and still sick. I am better than yesterday thou..
I am slowly getting better but now my sore throat has turned into a sore ear. I don't know why (she swallowed the fly, I guess she'll die)

I have had plenty of time for reading. I am almost finished with Michael Crichton's new book State of Fear. So far it is pretty good, better than the last one, All the Kings Men by Robert Penn Warren. (Sorry babe).

All the Kings Men was just slow. It was well written and a decent enough plot but it just was not going anywhere after like 100 pages. I will still try to finish it because it is supposed to be one of the greatest books of our time, I don't know why but maybe something will happen yet.


did u get better,man?
We say when u get a cold, we usually drink hot lemon juice with lots of honey.its my family's costom,japanese one.
it makes ur throat better for sure!
have to drink a lot thou,,
take care dude----------------

Yeah, I am feeling better now. It only lasted a couple of days so that is good. Kristen has it now so hopfully she will be over it soon.

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