My Life is Boring

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Do you ever feel like you don't do anything and then the week is over? I feel like that today. I know I have been teaching all week (and the kids have been roudy) but now I feel like I have done nothing.

Anyway, we have been working on HTML in our classes.

| Side note: I was sitting on my bed listen to "Third Day" on my iPod, all of a sudden, "Marron 5" started playing. I was nowhere near my iPod. It must have a mind of it's own. Marron 5 is trying to take over the world.

Some students have really taken a liking to it and have completed all thier lessons (they were only supposed to have half of them done this week) while some have not even started them.

This is one of the most frusterating things about my job. I teach tech to all 9th graders, not just the ones who want to. The other tech classes in the school have it good that the students that want to take the classes are in them.

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