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Ok, so I usually don't repost someone elses blogs but I thought this one was particularly interesting.

| Save money! Eat crap!

As you can see, I have had a lot of time today to surf the web which, due to the new move and job and all, I have not had the time for until now. It is kind of nice.

Parallel Parking!!

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Everybodies favorite pastime is parallel parking so, I have found a game designed to help all those new drivers practice.

| Parallel Parking Game

I hope you all enjoy. My best time so far is only 3min 21 sec.

- update : 37.16 seconds
- update : 10.53 seconds (really)


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Check out this wonderful service that I found!


It eliminates the need to register for sites such as NY times or LA times. (It is really annoying to register and you never know where your email will end up with all the spam and such) Anyway, I though this was a cool service and well worth looking for.


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Kristen and I have finally become somewhat settled here in Falls Church, VA. It is kind of ironic that we went from Hell, Michigan to Falls Church. I thought you could not get out of hell:P

Anyway, I am starting to do webdesign for people to help supplement the hugh law school bill (how can they charge that much!!) so if anyone needs webdesign, please refere to the following link. Also if you know of anyone that would benifit from my services, please pass this on. Thanks.
Webdesign Questionaire


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Welcome the newest CraigsirK blog!!!
Ken's day in the life. My good friend Ken from Japan.
Ken's day in the Life

The Village

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The village, a movie, go see it.

No, seriously, this is a must see movie. The plot was great. It was scary and there were not a lot of plot holes. This was one of the better movies that I have seen in a long while. Go see it.
The Village


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