Greece - The Begining

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Well, we have arrived in Greece. The weather here is wonderful, it is sunny and warm. The country is also very beautiful, with the white walled buildings built right on the mountians.
Our first stop was in Athens for one night, although it was a long night.

Our plane arrived in Athens at 2:00 AM. We were supposed to arrive at midnight and then check into a hostel, but because we were so late, it was 4:00 by the time we arrived at our hostel, we decided to cancell and spend all night roming the city. Our first great task was to find a locker to put our stuff so we could walk freely. We spent the first 2.5 hours riding the metro looking for lockers on tips that people would tell us. We finally found a travel agency that stored baggage that opened around 8:00.
After that we went to the Parthenon. It was beautiful except for the large amount of construction that was in progress. You can look at some of the pictures I have uploaded.
We are now in Syros, a small island about 4 hours off the mainland. It is gorgeous and I will upload pictures as soon as I can.

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