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Wilm Hosenfeld

I have just finished reading The Pianist, by Wladyslaw Szpilman. Some of you may have seen the recent movie about the book.
It was a very good book. It showed the depth of the oppression of Poland very well and the hardship and constant fear that the people were put through.
One of the most compeling parts of the book was in the end, where some of the diary of Wilm Hosenfeld, the German officer who help Szpilman, was written. Many times I think of the Germans of the WWII era as being almost unhuman and not deserving of compasion and forgivness, but I fail to realize that they were also people. They become an almost idea of all that is evil, which is not correct. I was realy moved by Hosenfeld's diary and how he observed the events which he took part of.

- There are no commandments now against stealing, killing, or lying, not if they go against people's personal interest. This denial of God's commandments leads to

all the other immoral manifestations of greed - unjust self-enrichment, hatred, decit, sexual licence resulting in infertility and the downfall of the German people. God allows all this to happen, lets these forces have power and allows so many innocent people to perish to show mankind that without him we are only animals in conflict, who believe we have to destroy each other. We will not listen to the divine commandment: "Love one another". Very well, then, says God, try the devil's commandment, the opposite: "Hate one another". We know the story of the Deluge from Holy Sripture. Why did the first race of men come to such a tragic end? Because they had abandoned God and must die, guilty and innocent alike. They hod only themselves to blame for thier punishment. And it is the same today.

-I ask my self again and again, how is this possible? There can be only one explanation: the people who could do it, who gave the orders and allowed it to happen, have lost all sense of decency and responsibility. They are godless through and through, gross egotists, despicable materialists. When the terrible mass murders of Jews were committed last summer, so many women and children slaughtered, I knew certianly that we would lose the war. There was now no point in a war that might once have been justified as a search for free subsistence and living space - it had degenerated into vast, inhuman mass slaughter, negatig all cultural values, and it can never be justified to the German people: it will be utterly condemned by the nation as a whole. All the torturing of Poles under arrest, the sooting of prisoners of war and their bestial treatement - that can never be justified either.

by: Wilm Hosenfeld

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Based on the movie, "The Pianist" Wilm Hosenfeld was a good,kind, and brave person. I find it ironical that he had do die alone in a Russian prison while so many prepators were never caught. I would like to see Roman Polanski or Steven Speilberg do a story of his life.

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