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I have just finished my HTML version of CraigsirK. Now both the flash blog and flash pictures are linked together via XML to create a dynamic website. I hope you enjoy and tell everyone you know so CraigsirK gets lots of popularity.


The Pianist

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Wilm Hosenfeld

I have just finished reading The Pianist, by Wladyslaw Szpilman. Some of you may have seen the recent movie about the book.
It was a very good book. It showed the depth of the oppression of Poland very well and the hardship and constant fear that the people were put through.
One of the most compeling parts of the book was in the end, where some of the diary of Wilm Hosenfeld, the German officer who help Szpilman, was written. Many times I think of the Germans of the WWII era as being almost unhuman and not deserving of compasion and forgivness, but I fail to realize that they were also people. They become an almost idea of all that is evil, which is not correct. I was realy moved by Hosenfeld's diary and how he observed the events which he took part of.

- There are no commandments now against stealing, killing, or lying, not if they go against people's personal interest. This denial of God's commandments leads to

New format

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I have had a lot of time at work this past week, so I have developed a new look to CraigsirK. I hope you enjoy it. There will be pictures coming soon (probably Wednesday or so) to look forward to.
I am also woking on an HTML version so that CraigsirK can be searchable on the net.


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So, it has been awile since I have written anything. There has not been much to write about. Kristen is wait listed for GeorgeTown, Michigan, and Columbia and has been accepted to American. We still have not heard from Univerity of Washington yet. So, with that, we still are nowhere near deciding where we will go next year.
I have not heard back from the Department of Defense job yet and I have started applying for jobs in the D.C. area.

Thats all for now.



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