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I have found the only service in Japan that is easier and cheaper than it American counter part. The dentist. Yes everybody says that the dentists in Japan are really bad but they aren't. We called a dentist on Sunday at 10:30 and had an appointment for that afternoon. This is itself is amazing because most dentists in the States have about a 1 month waiting period for any appointment. We went in and basically sat in the chair, no waiting. He had the same tools as an American dentist and was just as good. He cleaned Kristen's teeth and gave me a check up with X-rays for only 5,800 yen (about $50) and it only took an hour. Then I went back on Monday, the next day (amazing two appointments in two days) and had two cavities filled, well one cavity and one filling that was coming off replaced, with the new white ceramic fillings for only 2,900 yen (about $25). Then I went back on Wednesday (three appointments) to get my teeth cleaned and the fillings finished for only 1,600 yen (about $12). So for all in all, we had two cleanings, two fillings, X-rays, and checkups for less than $100. Amazing 8).

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