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We are now back in Michigan for the holidays! I am glad to be back. For those of you that did not know we came back to visit our friends and family for the holidays. Nobody knew that we were coming so it was a big suprise when we walked in on Christmas.
It is very refreshing to be back in America. I enjoy Japan and all of its quirks but it is very stressfull. America is just easier to do things and to get around. It was wierd being where everybody spoke English and I could understand them. I still use my hands a lot and my mind still thinks of the easiest way to ask things. Anyway, it is fun so far.
We will be here until January 6th, when we will fly back to Kyoto.


Hey Creig!! Happy new year!!
hows ur home town!?
I hope u two had a great time there!
and catch up soon for snowboardingggggggg! yeahh

later dude

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