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Ok, I know I have not put a post up in a long, long time but I have a good reason. I am working on a prototype website to help Japanese children learn English. I hope to propose the idea to the Japanese Ministry of Education (that is where all the money is) to create a full working, interactive site for all the school children in Japan. Cool huh?
Anyway, I have been working really hard at learning MySql and how to create and use a database to help with the logins and user files. I have figured out much and have a working login / registration page and an Administration page. You can check out what I have already Here . You can use the username 'craig' password 'bill' or create your own (thought it might be deleted as I work to finish the project). Enjoy!


Wow!! That's really cool craig! I'm sure the Japanese school kids will enjoy it!! Good luck upon completion!

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