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Kill Whity

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So I was walking back from Kobe yesterday and while I was going to the train station, I passed the "whity shopping mall". I am not kidding, that was the actual name of the store. I almost fell over and died from laughing. The Japanese have no idea what they are saying in English they just want English on thier stuff 'cuz it is cool.

English Site

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Ok, I know I have not put a post up in a long, long time but I have a good reason. I am working on a prototype website to help Japanese children learn English. I hope to propose the idea to the Japanese Ministry of Education (that is where all the money is) to create a full working, interactive site for all the school children in Japan. Cool huh?
Anyway, I have been working really hard at learning MySql and how to create and use a database to help with the logins and user files. I have figured out much and have a working login / registration page and an Administration page. You can check out what I have already Here . You can use the username 'craig' password 'bill' or create your own (thought it might be deleted as I work to finish the project). Enjoy!

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